Microwave Leakage Testing

Microwave Leakage Testing

powerTAG Services Microwave Leakage Testing 1Microwave ovens generate microwave radiation energy to heat and cook food.

Exposure to leakage of microwave radiation from a Microwave oven when it is in operation can be extremely dangerous.

Microwave ovens can leak microwave radiation caused by damage to the cabinet door and or door seals, hinges and general wear and tear. Radiation leakage can occur through the most minor breakdown of the seals.

Microwave radiation leakage cannot be seen and can cause irreversible injury.

PowerTAG Test and Tag Safety Solutions Logo 17px test Microwave Ovens for microwave leakage using a purpose Microwave radiation leakage detector ensuring safe operation in accordance with AS60335.2.2011

We also test and tag Microwave Ovens as per AS3760:2010 for electrical safety.